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hauntedangel3 [userpic]

Oh! I just noticed I have two members! Yay! lol How are the both of you? What have you seen Callum in? How did you become fans?

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LOL. I am fine.

I saw Callum in "Dead Like Me" and he was so great on the show that I always hope that he is going to be in something I might want to watch. Unfortunately, I am not really interested in his other work so far. I`ve seen him "Grey`s Anatomy" since "DLM" ended, but in other stuff not so much. I wasn`t into "Related" and I don`t think that I am going to watch "The Tudors", because that`s not really the kind of show I`d watch. But I am excited for the "DLM"-DVD-movie.

Hey, Nature! That's too bad that he's not in much that you enjoy, or watch, but it's great that you like him enough to join this community. :) I didn't like Devil's Gate with him, but he was still good with what he was given, but then maybe I am just infatuated. ;) lol

I have not had a chance to see Tudors yet, but I am interested because I like medieval stuff. I haven't seen him in Grey's Anatomy though. I love him in DLM and I am soooo excited as well for the movie! :D His Mason is just awesome. ^_^