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Callum Blue Fans
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August 2010
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hauntedangel3 [userpic]

Well, I have just set this up and I hope that people join. If you love Callum, this is the place for you. I thought I would create this community because there were none dedicated to him, which made me sad. Please enjoy yourselves! Post icons, fics, artwork, or news! Whatever you like!

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Nice idea. Callum is awesome. Maybe you should pimp the community in "Dead Like Me" communities. Maybe more people join then.

Hey. Thanks. I thought he needed a community here because he is awesome. I agree. I shall look around when I am free next for places to advertise this group to. I am in a few communities for Dead Like Me, but they say no advertising in their rules. :P Sucky. So I will look! Thanks for posting in here.